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KS2 SATs: There isn't time to do it all!!!!

Posted on Jan. 26, 2019

“I’ve just realised that the Medium Term Plan I’m following means I won’t have taught all the year 6 curriculum before the SATs.”

As the year rushes on, the date for KS2 SATs gets ever closer. Coverage is always an issue and it is tricky to prioritise the time to be spent teaching the new learning in the year 6 curriculum. Some teachers keep the focus very much on number, at the expense of other national curriculum strands – such as Geometry, Measures and Statistics – whereas other teachers try to rush through everything so it has all been ‘covered’. The other NC aims  – Reasoning and Solving problems – can slip through the net completely.

Over 50% of the KS2 SATs content is based on the Year 3/4/5 Programmes of Study so addressing this as well as trying to finish the Year 6 content becomes an even bigger headache.

The DfE KS2 Test developer’s framework (click here) has remained the same since 2016. This gives an outline for the content and cognitive domains to be addressed and the types and range of questions that will be asked. Using these domains and the test specification in section 6 of this document would seem a sensible place to start when forming any decisions about emphasis and revision in the run up to SATs.

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